BGS Global came to an agreement to implement “the project to sponsor and consult 1000 start-up entrepreneurs in accordance with the BGS Global Model as a great mission to create driving forces for a prosperous Saigon enterprise community; to simultaneously respond to the project “support start-up students until 2025” proposed by the Prime Minister (the project 1665), and finally, accompany young entrepreneurs across the country to start a business. .

It is regarded as a group of initiatives supported by numerous national organizations, including universities and the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. It is coordinated and carried out through a collaboration between BGS Global and the Saigon Entrepreneur Online Newspaper.

With the start-up projects that have been incubated at schools and enterprise associations across the nation, it also aids in strengthening the governance capacity of young leaders, including Vietnamese students and youth, creating significant driving forces that support start-up entrepreneurs to believe in the path of business development.

The reasons behind why start-up businesses fail

Besides the causes of capital and business ideas, the problem of management knowledge and business operation capacity are also the top challenges that most startups are facing. Specifically, businesses often encounter the following problems:


No particular vision and 5-year goal.


Lack examination methods of business performance.


Lack functional strategies: Sales & marketing, Human resources, …

Action Plan

Action Plan doesn’t match with Budget Plan.


The business operation management system is still overlapping and ambiguous.


The team’s capacity has not been reached, and no plan exists to develop human resources.

Project Purpose

Assist young startup entrepreneurs in changing their mindset and comprehending the significance of developing a corporate governance system in the startup process.

Create an open space for Vietnamese students, youngsters, and entrepreneurs to exchange, learn, and share their experiences.

Provide business management knowledge and tools in a synchronous and methodical way according to the BGS Global model, and encourage students and young people to gain actual startup knowledge simultaneously.

Support in consulting and training potential startup projects under the BGS Global Model.

Contribute to the nation’s social responsibility through effective and practical education orientations that improve the rate of successful startup businesses in Vietnam.



Share the stories of successful startups.


Train how to apply the BGS Global Model for startups.


Consult and suggest actual startup plans.


Invest and mentor on how to start a real business.


Signing Ceremony & Exchange Program

  • The aim: is to raise awareness of the importance of corporate governance systems among young startups at the start of their operations.
  • Location: proposed by the Accompanying Unit.
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Number of attendees: 150 and above.
1 The signing ceremony for the sponsoring project of consulting 1,000 young startup entrepreneurs according to the BGS Global Model between the Accompanying Unit and the BGS Global Vietnam
2 Welcome Dance Performance

BGS Global Implementers present startup-based issues, including failure reasons, experiences, and solutions.

  • Startup’s current status
  • Mistakes and reasons for failure
  • Solutions

Discussion between Entrepreneurs and BGS Global Implementers

  • Startup Stories
  • Problem-Challenge
  • Experienced Lessons
  • Q&A Session
5 Registration for the BGS Global Training Program
Session 1
1 Build the Vision Board And 5- Year Goal
2 Build Corporate Structure
Session 2
3 Build Business Health Indicator (Dashboard)
4 Build Action Plan and Budget
Session 3
5 Build Sales & Marketing Strategies
6 Build the System of Process
Session 4
7 Build Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
8 Build Human Resources Plan


BGS offers a FREE training on the method of system governance in accordance with BGS global model for students, start-up entrepreneurs as following contents:


Consult and suggest actual startup plans.

  • Objects: students, youths, and entrepreneurs who registered to practice project implementation after a training course
  • Platforms: Offline or Online


1 BGS Global assigns implementation projects to registered students.
2 Students present their preparation and project to the BGS Global Implementer Council.
3 BGS Global selects high-performing potential projects for development investment and support.


Invest and mentor on how to start a real business.

  • BGS Global will invest in selected potential projects both financially and operationally, and they will be mentored for long-term business development.

What you get from the training

  • Can build the system of corporate management and operations in a methodical and effective way, which has great contributions to creating driving forces for start-ups.
  • Can coordination and agreement in the action strategies for the startup’s goal through the anhanced young leadership and team capacity.
  • Can expand relationships with actual organizations and enterprises that create a wide range of opportunities to connect.
  • Acknowledge, comprehend, and take full advantage of the application governance process in start-up enterprises.